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​​I have been working with Dave for many years and he has really helped me improve the level of my game. He has a great knowledge of basketball and he knows how to prepare kids to play in high school as well as the next level. No matter what position you play, Dave has the expertise to advance your skills. I highly recommend working with Dave as both a coach and trainer.

- Parker Van Dyke, University of Utah


Dave Hammer was such a fun coach to play for and to do workouts with.  He brings a great knowledge and energy to every practice/workout.  He shows a lot of passion every time we step on to the court.  He is also very fun person to be around and when you are playing for him, he helps you get the most out of every situation!  He is one of the most competitive people that I've been around.  His workouts are intense and you will leave a better player if you put forth the effort and desire.  I suggest anyone to workout with him if you want to get better at basketball and to gain a great friend in the process.  He teaches not only about the game of basketball but about life and how to get the most out of it! 

Chase Flint #23, Loyola Marymount

Coach Dave Hammer taught, my son, Xan to become technically one of the best players in Utah, and Xan is on the University of Utah's Mens Basketball Team. Coach Hammer taught Xan detailed basketball skills through repetition, with one-on-one correction, as well as in group settings, 7 days a week when requested. Coach Hammer's qualities include integrity, unsurpassed knowledge of the game and individual skills required to perform text-book moves--with the ability to physically perform the moves himself to demonstrate them--dependability, flexibility, and a genuine desire to help motivate an athlete to reach their potential.

Lorelei E. Ricketts (son Xan played at Utah)

I had the opportunity to be around Coach Hammer for three summers in Salt Lake Metro practice.  Every practice he expected us to work hard and compete.  It didn't matter if we were running plays or playing in a pickup game, he always expected us to work hard.  He understands the game and how it is meant to be played. He is one of the most competitive guys I know. Even though he was a coach, he wasn't afraid to jump in a game and run with us, and he played to win.  He is a great coach, and he loves to spend time with his players and loves coaching basketball.

Race Parsons, Southern Utah University, 2A MVP

Coach Hammer simply knows how to make players, point guard to center, better. I continually use his drills, whether it's ball handling, finishing, shooting or defense, everyday to improve. He not only teaches skill, but also the value of competition. His passion for the game of basketball flows through those that have the great opportunity to be coached by him.
- Mckay Lasalle, Long Beach State University


I've had the opportunity to work with Dave since i was in ninth grade.  He was my trainer and coach.  He elevated my game more than I could have on my own.  Dave is a talented basketball player, trainer and coach.  He is also an honorable, good human being. He knows the game in and out, and more importantly he knows how to teach the fundamentals of basketball to get the most out of his players.  He can turn an average athlete, into a great basketball player.  He doesn't criticize or put players down, but instead uplifts and gives motivation and confidence in your abilities.  He puts players in the best possible situations to succeed, and practices in harder situations than games so when you are on the court in real game, your instincts take over and you are confident in your abilities.  If you want to be a better basketball player and athlete, I highly recommend working with Dave.

Cory Cardwell, Utah Valley University

I coached with Dave on the 2008-09 Westminster Frontier Conference championship team. His old-school approach to the game was a huge part of creating a winning attitude in our locker room.

Dave has one of the best basketball minds I have ever encountered. He has a commitment to fundamentals and defense that will carry players far beyond where their natural abilities could. He also understands the nuances of basketball that are lost on most.

Dave would be at the top of my list for most any coaching experience whether it be a team or 1 on 1. His wealth of knowledge would benefit players on all levels.

Rob Holcombe, Westminster College, Frontier Conference Defensive Player of the Year

Coach Hammer is a great coach for the time I had to spend with him, he believes in the old way of doing things, playing hard, toughness, fighting for everything. He has helped me find things that I need to work on, as well as things that I do well and to play to those strengths, and to make those weaknesses become strengths. One thing I really appreciate about coach is he is always straight forward and tells you exactly what is to be done and done right. Coach helped me big time with my skills as a ball handler. The drills he showed me are things that I do before every practice, and game. He is always pushing you to be your absolute best, and you can really tell that he enjoys watching the boys succeed.
Wade "Bubba" Miller, Dixie State College

Coach Hammer is one to always push you beyond what you think is your best. He is very knowledgeable in the game of basketball and uses it all to better his athletes. He was a big contributor in helping me get to the collegiate level.

- Logan Mortenson, University of New Hampshire

Coach Dave Hammer is an amazing coach. He is always there when you need him, he helps players out with their fundamentals nonstop. He has these amazing drills that will get you where you need to go as an athlete. He is also a student of the game he reads, and looks up things that can better himself as a coach, to help better the player’s future. Most importantly, he helps the kids with their academics. Coach Hammer is a very intelligent young man so having him on the coaching staff will benefit your program, and also benefit the players around him. He also goes out in the community and does a lot of community service to help out the needie. By Coach Hammer going to help people out on his spare time, the people he helps will love to come to games and support your program. Furthermore by working with Coach Hammer as a coach will benefit you program TREMENDOUSLY.

- Travon Langston, Southern Utah University

When Coach Hammer got to our school I was very excited to play for him. I had heard of him while I was playing AAU ball and his name was mentioned a lot. When he got to our school I could tell that his basketball IQ was very high. He was a very smart ball player. I had the opportunity to work out with him and improve my shot. He had me do many different workouts to improve my three point shot. It did improve a lot. He knows what he is talking about. He also helped me with my speed and agility and also ball handling. He is a great coach and knows what to teach young athletes.

- Eric Hansen, USU Eastern 

Dave Hammer Jr. has always been there for his players. The relationship that he is able to build with his athletes is an amazing thing. Hammer has never stopped caring. Our friendship has been there for years after I finished his program. I have never thought I could grow so much in such little time, but with Hammer it was possible. If you want to be able to continue your basketball career, Coach Hammer is someone that can do that for you as long as you work hard. All the hard work was for a reason and every day I could see myself improving. The seasons I spent with Dave Hammer and his team is something I will remember for the rest of my life.

- Cal Hanks, Southern Utah University

Coach Hammer is a great weight trainer, basketball trainer and coach. His love for the game gets his players going and has a good knowledge of teaching his players the game. Coach has worked with me on my passing awareness, dribbling and post moves. He knows my weaknesses and my strengths and we work on both my strengths and weaknesses and that made me a better player. Not only is he a good coach he also is a good person that has a lot of stories about life and always stays positive.

- Dashaun Wiggins, Portland State University

Dave Hammer has been a major key to my success, throughout every stage of my career.  From a young age his coaching and workouts have been a big part of my growth as a player.  Dave has put me in multiple positions to show my talents, and given me opportunities to achieve success at multiple levels.

- Morgan Grim, Utah Mr. Basketball, Utah State University, Finke Baskets (Germany)

Dave is an excellent coach with the knowledge, ability, intensity and drive to push a basketball player to the next level.  Dave is the best trainer I've ever worked with pushing me in every way.  He pushed me to develop my skills in every aspect of the game whether it was posting up, shooting it, handling the ball, scoring from the perimeter or guarding a variety of positions.  He not only helped me physically but frequently spoke with me about what I was seeing on the court to help develop my basketball IQ.  I highly recommend Dave Hammer as a trainer and attribute a large part of playing college basketball to working with him.

- Scott Odekirk, Mount Marty College

Coach Hammer has been my light through the dark. He has the same approach and enthusiasm as anyone towards getting better. His competitive nature is contagious and his tenacious mentality will expose those who aren't really willing to work. Sometimes I don't think even he knows the value of the lessons that he has taught. But I will go as far to say that the game needs more people like Coach Hammer, because his love for the game is unmatched.  He genuinely cares about his kids and therir well being, which is what the game really needs.

- Malcolm Colbert, Central Wyoming CC


First of all I just want to thank you and your father for everything you did for me as a player as well as an individual. If it wasn’t for you guys and the opportunity you gave me to play for Salt Lake Metro I would never have been able to become the player I came to be. You opened doors for me with college coaches, and gave me the ability to have experiences that I could have never achieved with basketball. My skills in basketballs became much better with the teaching of fundamentals that you gave us, as well as the freedom to play our own games in a game setting. I was taught defensive and offensive principals that helped me all the way through college basketball. Your knowledge of the game in all aspects pushed me to do things that I didn’t know I could do. As a coach on the sideline he will be your best friend as long as you’re giving it everything you got and giving it a hundred percent. Although, if you aren’t giving it your all you find yourself on the bench and in the dog house which is how every coach should be. It was one thing to lose and give it everything, but it is another to lose and not give it your A effort. I loved every minute of being part of Metro and would never trade any of it. Great coaches that brought in great kids that will always be some of my best friends.

- Ryan Brimley, Southern Utah University


Dave is who you need to see if you want to become the best basketball player you can be.  I learned everything from handles, shooting, and many other key fundamentals of the game from him. He also helped me learn to be a leader on and off the floor. Dave played a huge role in helping me accomplish my dream of being a college athlete.

- Keegan Mcqueen, University of Montana-Western


​Dave Hammer coached me for the four years I was in high school, and I wouldn't be the player I am today without him.  He taught me things that I wouldn't have learned anywhere else.  He made me realize the importance of the little things, the fundamentals, and having a competitive attitude.  My skill level improved dramatically when working with him, which set me up to be successful at the D1 college level. He also made sure that I was learning and improving every time I worked with him.  His knowledge, intensity, and passion for the game are at exceptionally high levels.  You will never regret working with Dave!

- Lexi Eaton, Utah Ms. Basketball, WCC All-time Leading Scorer, BYU; WNBA 26th Overall Draft Pick 2016


Dave has the ability to motivate people to work their hardest. I knew everyday that he was leaving it all out on the court when he coached, and as a player, that motivated me to do the same. I trusted him and his coaching. I didn’t want to let him down; I wanted to make him proud. I truly respect and admire Dave for his knowledge of the game and for the person he is, there’s only one Dave Hammer Jr. and I’d play for him any day!

Mckenzie Jessop, Westminster College, Frontier Conference Player and Defensive Player of the Year

Dave Hammer is an amazing coach and person. I don't know anyone who is more passionate about the game. When Dave coached me he was always willing to do whatever he could to help me, whether it be from just rebounding for me or helping me on my skills. I learned a lot from Dave and really enjoyed when he was my coach because along with learning a lot it was also fun. Anyone would enjoy being coached or trained by Dave, he is a great guy on and off the court!

​- Brooke Larsen, Westminster College

This is probably one of the best coaches I have ever had in my basketball career. When I first started in the Salt Lake Metro program I was not very good at all. My ball handling was horrendous, and my defense wasn’t any better. After one summer with him as my coach not only did I see a dramatic change in the way I played, but so did my parents and other coaches.  Dave made me personally guard him at practice. He has the best handles in the world and I had to guard him, but that only motivated me more. From me guarding him, I have become one of the toughest defenders. Also with him coaching me I have become more confident with my shot. Draining it in your coach’s eye as he is guarding you is one of the best feelings. Dave is a tremendous coach; he has not only changed my life he has made an impression on everybody he has ever coached. If you want to get better and you want to put the hours into the gym, he will be right there.  Thanks for everything Dave!

​- Whitney Mitchell, Rocky Mountain College

I had the opportunity to work with Dave Hammer Jr. while playing basketball with the Salt Lake Metro.  The knowledge that I received while working with Dave was second to none. He is passionate about the game and enjoys sharing his skills.  Dave taught me how to push myself when I didn’t think I could go anymore.  His ball handling and drills are demonstrated at the highest level. He has a true basketball mind and is a great motivator. He motivated me both mentally and physically to improve my game. I feel that Dave has helped me get to where I am today. I really enjoyed being coached by Dave, and I would highly recommend his services as he played a huge role on my development as a basketball player.

- Danika Sharp, University of Nevada

My summer training with Dave was the summer that really took my game to the next level. His drills forced me to become a much more efficient basketball player. I saw myself get better with each workout. My ball-handling improved 100% as did my creativity on offense. I became much more of a multi-dimensional player. He has a great way of helping you become very very comfortable with the ball in your hands. Thanks Dave!!

- Haley Hall Steed, BYU All-time Assist Leader

The skills that I learned when working with Dave have directly influenced my ability to play at the next level. The drills and things we worked on at practice are still things that we do every day at my division 1 college practices, but he was able to break them down into ways that I was able to grow and personally get better at. Dave pushed me as a player, but he was also very patient in teaching me new concepts that would make me better in the long run. He stuck to teaching the fundamentals and concepts that set the good players apart from the great. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to work with Dave and I would recommend working with him to anyone.

- Ashley Garfield, BYU

If it wasn't for Coach Hammer and the program I don't think I would have got a scholarship to BYU.  The playing, traveling experience and training that I received was invaluable!  The relationships all of us had and the memories we all made are something that I will never forget!  Coach Hammer really knows his stuff!  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend going to him! He's one of the best!

Micaelee Orton, BYU

My experience and relationship having Dave as a coach has continued far beyond the basketball court. Dave not only taught me how to have a deep passion for winning, but has continued to maintain a relationship with me in my life after leaving his AAU basketball team. He cares about the athletes he coaches as well as their life endeavors, and pushes to keep in contact even years after their athletic career. Dave’s ability to connect with athletes he coaches is one that is rare. He was a very personable, but professional coach. His knowledge of the game helped me make the crossover from a high school athlete to the mentality necessary to compete at the next level. Along with Dave’s knowledge of the game comes his skill. Dave helped me improve my ball-handling skills immensely, which I became extremely grateful for when I started playing in college. It made me confident playing for a coach that has a vast amount of experience coaching both at the AAU and collegiate levels. Thank you Dave!

- Meagan Pearson, USU-College of Eastern Utah

My experience from being coached by Dave is what helped me to be at where I am now. Coming into the Metro program was difficult for me because I wasn't strong, aggressive, or even confident and that's what I needed to improve on first. Dave made us work hard every time we stepped on the court and expected nothing less. That drive and passion is why I loved being coached by him and playing for Salt Lake Metro, and even today in my career the whole Hammer family has always and will always be there to help me improve on and off the court whenever necessary.

Connie (Rachel Morris), Hawaii

I had the wonderful opportunity to play for Coach Hammer on Salt Lake Metro as well as Westminster College. One of the things I admire most about Coach Hammer is his knowledge of the game of basketball.  He is able to use his knowledge to teach and inspire athletes to reach their potential. He cares about his players and always finds ways to help them be successful.  I appreciate all that he taught me about basketball and life.

- Keshia Catten, Westminster College

Dave has been coaching me since I was just 14. He's a great coach and has really helped me develop my skills on the court over the years. He has a solid knowledge of the game and is part of the reason I'm the player I am today and have had the success that I have had.

- Alexis Kaufusi, BYU

If it wasn’t for Coach Hammer and the support he gave me as a coach to improve and push myself every practice and AAU tournament, I would have never had the opportunity to play Division I basketball. Coach Hammer is the best teacher and he cares so much about every athlete he coaches. Now in my junior year of college, he still keeps in touch and I know I can still go to him with any questions. I am forever grateful that he took the time to care about me enough to prepare me for the future.

- Jen Hazlett, ARMY

​Coach Hammer was one of the few coaches that was able to effectively motivate me.  He always had just the right amount of intensity mixed with an ability to bring out the best of my talents.  His style of coaching was very constructive and helped me to develop greater confidence in myself.   His coaching prepared me for my college career at BYU better than any other coach I had.

- Sadi Dias (Vance), BYU

I feel very lucky to say that I was able to work with Dave. He not only has incredible knowledge of the game, but he knows exactly how to guide each player into becoming their best. He is a very personable coach that has a great amount of patience upon each player. Having a coach that will actually get into the drills with you and challenge you is what every player needs to excel. Whether it be playing tough defense, showing you new moves, or boosting your confidence, he is the one that does it best. Dave has helped me tremendously into becoming a better player, and i would not be where I am now without his strong wisdom and influence. Thanks Dave!

- Amy Harris, BYU

Coach Hammer has been my competitive coach for the last three years. I came to him with knowledge and talent, but I did not know what I could become. With the help of Coach Dave, I was able to see beyond my current skill set to the possibilities of my future because of his persistence, knowledge, patience, and expertise. His ability to see and recognize the little things makes him a remarkable coach and teacher. Playing under him, we had our weekly practices. But he approached me about my interest in working individually on my game in my spare time. I was more than willing because I knew that he could push me beyond my limits. And that is what he did. We worked hard on the little things, drilling them and perfecting them. He expected me to continue to drive myself to perfect these things on my own. With his inspiration, I found this possible. Coach Dave’s knowledge helped me to begin to think somewhat like him. I now can analyze things and break them down because I was exposed to his insight. He shared resources and quotes with me to motivate me before and after every training. I have a broader love for the game because of Coach Hammer’s willingness to share his with me.  Just because I came each weekend for a workout, did not mean I would acquire these skills automatically. I was challenged and I accepted the challenge. If I wasn’t willing to “show up” each session, I would not be the basketball player and person I am today.

- Emilie Volk, Fresno State

I attribute much of my success to training with Coach Hammer. He pushed my skill set to the next level, which allowed me to play and compete well at the next level. I wish I would've began training with him in my early high school year, but the time I got in was very valuable. He gave me the confidence I need to allow me to be successful at the next level. He knows the game so well and helps further your game with that knowledge. He genuinely cares about his players on and off the court and wants them to succeed at whatever they choose to do. I would highly recommend Coach Hammer as a coach/trainer.

- Jamie Smith, Southern Utah University

Where do I begin and what a great journey it has been just knowing and being a part of Dave’s vision. I have had the privilege to work with and play for Dave since 2013. During my time playing for Salt Lake Metro I have developed skills that I would have never dreamed of because of the highly emphasized skill set placed in front of me to learn. He breaks down every skill and adds new skill to keep me wanting to learn more. I had a love and passion for the game but with his guidance I was able to take it even further. I have had the opportunity to have his individual training over the past several years and I know I would not be the player I am today without that.  His fundamental skills took me to a new level every time we hit the gym together. During my Junior year of High School his weekly individual sessions helped me combat the tough High School practices and mentally and physically prepare me for my competition for the week. His passion is off the chart. He was able to excel me and everyone around him to be a better person on and off the court. Dave is the real deal he loves what he does and it shows.   

- Shirsten Wissinger, Salt Lake Community College


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